AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) offer a natural language interface to a vast amount of knowledge collected from the internet. By incorporating customization and new, customer-specific data into their existing knowledge base, these chatbots combine general and custom knowledge to meet your particular needs. Rather than simply retrieving relevant, pre-written sentences, they compose new sentences that contain the necessary information. AI chatbots communicate in many languages, without you needing to translate the knowledge – LLMs handle that on their own. This enables them to provide instant access to the information users are seeking, thus saving people time and effort. While they may not be a silver bullet or full-fledged AI, they don’t need to be in order to deliver value.

AI chatbots for Websites

The chatbot here provides information about Data Marina – faster, more precisely, and probably more enjoyable than our website (sorry WWW, it’s AI’s time). Try it out.

NOTE: For demo purposes, on this page, the chatbot is embedded to the right (or bottom) of this text. However, on other pages, we have added it as a blue bubble on the right side of the screen.

Test it for free on your website

You can also get such a chatbot for your website for free for a limited time. Personalized, knowledgeable, and intelligent, it can provide information about your company or yourself to your visitors.

It’s your call now. Let us know about your website, and we will get back to you with a personalized chatbot to try out. No obligations. If you like it, keep it on your website for a small monthly fee.

    The standard chatbot knowledge base consists of a few A4 pages of information that cover details about your company and products. This information may be the same as what’s on your website, or it may differ. Either way, all this information becomes instantly available to visitors without requiring them to browse through your website. This makes it easier and quicker for them to find what they’re looking for – they just need to ask.

    The website chatbot has a specific goal: to engage in friendly conversations with your website visitors. It acts as a loyal representative of your brand, showcasing your strengths and maintaining a friendly attitude toward all visitors.

    Both the knowledge base and the chatbot’s personality and objectives can be customized to meet your needs. The customization process is quick and can be done through a simple exchange of emails, where you can specify the information you want to include or adjust. Gone are the days when creating a chatbot took weeks and still fell short of expectations. Today, we can achieve superior results in a fraction of the time.

    AI chatbots for Support

    Do you have a product that comes with a manual? Many people don’t read manuals until they run into problems. Then they urgently search for the right page in the manual for help. Frustrated, they might even reach for their phones to call you if they can’t find it quickly. But do you offer 24-hour support? Now you can afford to, thanks to a chatbot. Knowing everything that’s in the product manual and more, your chatbot can provide customers with instant, precise answers to their problems, in the language they speak. Most importantly, your customers will receive the timely help they need.

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    Do you run a help desk? Allow your support team to leverage the chatbot for navigating through problems and solutions. Use the chatbot as an intelligent FAQ service and supplement it with the most common topics. You can also enable your customers to access the chatbot for self-service. Some people prefer to be self-served, and directing them toward human support may make them hesitate and leave. While a chatbot is not a must-have for your product, it could sometimes be the last chance to retain certain customers.

    Custom AI Chatbots

    If you’re inspired by the idea that an AI chatbot can be used as a tool to access your internal data, making it intelligently available to your employees, we can help you with that. We value your privacy and suggest an affordable solution for your business, prioritizing self-hosted and fine-tuned LLMs running locally. The future we envision for AI is not in the clouds, but rather within the privacy of your business, ensuring that data is stored and remains in-house. Also, check out how we can integrate the chatbot into a data pipeline for direct business insights.

    Let us be your partner to help you navigate through AI in a meaningful way.

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