About us

Gdańsk - the city, where Data Marina has been created.

Welcome Aboard!

Hello and welcome to Data Marina! Situated in Gdańsk, a city renowned for its maritime history and modern technological prowess. Just as Gdańsk has been a meeting point for diverse cultures and ideas for centuries, so too is Data Marina a hub for creative minds, where technology and data are our playground.

The Spirit of Solidarity in Our DNA

Gdańsk is known as the birthplace of the Solidarity movement. This movement changed the course of history by promoting freedom and collective action. We take inspiration from this legacy, integrating the values of teamwork and transformative change into our work culture.

Unlocking the Data Potential, Together

We love to collaborate! Our doors are always open to partners who are as enthusiastic about data engineering, data visualization, machine learning, project management and research as we are. We offer a variety of tailored services designed to optimize your data processes and strategies. We’re not just a team; we’re a community of data experts passionate about solving real-world problems – a mix of seasoned experts and bright young talents who are guided by our vibrant local culture of innovation and collaboration. We are mentors, innovators, and trailblazers who’ve spoken at conferences, led workshops, and contributed to the tech community, with years of experience in everything from automating ETL pipelines to creating state-of-the-art machine learning models. From small hurdles to massive challenges, we’ve got the experience and skills to find the right solutions for you.

A Lighthouse For Your Data Voyage

In the unpredictable seas of data, you need a steadfast lighthouse, and that’s who we aim to be. We’re more than a company – we’re a family bound by our shared love for data. We foster a culture of inclusivity, curiosity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our team adheres to agile methodologies and places a strong emphasis on effective communication. We work in a space where trust, shared values and nonviolent communication aren’t just buzzwords but fundamental principles.

Partner with us

We believe in collaboration over competition. We’re always open to engaging in partnerships that aim for mutual growth and learning. With our factual, no-nonsense approach, we aim to build meaningful relationships based on trust and proven expertise. Our business partners commend us for our technical skills, dedication, customer support, innovative thinking, and transformative leadership. If you value that, you’re at the right place!

Partner with us

Come aboard, the future is data!

Let’s make data magic together!